• Story time
  • Living with PTSD

    War veterans come to mind when the acronym PTSD is mentioned. However, there are lots of people living with post traumatic stress disorder for different reasons. After the 8th grade graduation “celebratory” Dinner Dance school shooting I lived through as an adolescent; I thought a lot about what meaning to take from it. The way […]

  • Holiday
  • F It & Nutcracker 2016

    My son now says “fuck it.” Over the summer he had a brief “fucking Jesus” phase. Both naughty phrases, he can pronounce perfectly. Meanwhile, he cannot pronounce yellow (says “ellow”). I know where he got the “F.J.” from. He heard it from someone frustrated in our household spoken under his breath during distressing toddler-parenting times. […]

  • Parenting
  • Toddler logic

    The other day Roger, Kyle and Evan were playing on the third floor. Roger said he thought he heard a storm. Kyle said, “no I think it’s an airplane sound, buddy.” Roger said: “Oh, an airplane coming for Nina on the third floor.” Toddler logic is so magical. Or lack of logic. Or logic mixed with […]

  • Thursday
  • Question It All

    Have we been sold a lie that flying is posh? I was thinking about how to get from point A to point B when we went to our friend’s wedding in Chicago. The flight and drive would be comparable in certain ways for a family of four (one lap child) in terms of cost, time, […]

  • Story time
  • Happiness

    I’m listening to a book on CD called Hardwiring Happiness. It is about how the brain works and what we can do to improve our contentment. In college I took a neuroscience class. Science can be so interesting. I’m not much of a chemistry person but like biology and things with practical applications that enable […]