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  • Holy Cow this book is WONDERFUL

    I have been reading The Language of Letting Go and it is very good. http://melodybeattie.com/category/daily-meditations/   This link and the series by the blogger “angry daughter” is really good too http://guesswhatnormalis.com/2010/12/how-to-break-free-from-a-parents-narcissistic-personality-disorder-part-three-in-a-four-part-series/

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  • Thumbs up, Thumbs down

    Welcome to this post where I give a thumbs up or down depending on whether or not I would recommend it to a friend. Thumbs Up – recommend to a friend: Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Harry’s razors, Haiku Ceiling Fan/Light, workout clothes from Plato’s Closet (about $10-$16 for athletic capris that would be $80 full […]

  • Personal Growth
  • Who I came from and who I am

    Is there anything more complicated than the mother-daughter relationship? Often, I like to think about and write about light-hearted and positive things, but sometimes I want to hash out “on the page” what I ruminate on in my mind. Over the weekend we had a great time witnessing the big love between our dear friends […]

  • Fashion
  • Public Service Announcement

    By and large, my heart belongs to second hand clothing. However, the eyelash lace Forever 21 puts out is something my readers need to know about. I borrowed my friend Lisa’s cover up dress for Vegas and realized I wanted to add some to my own closet. Please follow our lead and treat yourself to […]

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  • A story that Must be told

    I just got back from listening to Mr. (Abraham) Judah Samet share his story. He is a Holocaust survivor who spoke at the Sewickley Library tonight. Usually, I wouldn’t get out alone on a weeknight but it’s my birthday so I asked for the night out to listen to and learn from this man without […]

  • Granny chic
  • The Ultimate Thrift Shop Find

    I love the little flower fabric on the inner collar. Such detail. So sweet. I love the Kaufmann’s logo. Rest in Peace Kaufmann’s. Good Goodwill find. $4.99 Missoni. A few weekends ago, we hoped to go to the Regent Square Community Yard Sale but it was raining cats and dogs. While that might have been fine […]