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  • Negotiations

    Negotiating can be intimidating.  However, it’s very worthwhile.  According to The Wage Project:  “Over her working life, a woman will earn $1 million less than a man simply because she is a woman.” Attitudes about take-home pay are sometimes still stuck in the past.  I literally had a Director of a past employer ask me […]

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  • Juice-er-riffic

    I made a large batch of juice Sunday morning.  Juice seems as energizing as coffee.  The black and decker juicer Kyle got me retails for only about $40 which is very reasonable for something that can provide you so many vitamins and nutrients. The combinations are probably endless.  I have yet to use a recipe […]

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  • Killin’ It!

    My mom used to teach in an inner city middle school.  She knows how to search the website urban dictionary.  She considers herself a cool mom.  These three facts allow her to spew magically crazy, funny, statements and misused cliches at any given time.  Kyle and I sometimes laugh so hard we almost cry. Saturday […]

  • Pregnant Indignities
  • Pregnant Indignities

    Welcome to the first edition of Pregnant Indignities.  I don’t know how many editions there will be.  I suppose it depends upon how many indignities I suffer and how many I am bold enough to share with my dear readers. You know how you are typically aware of your size?  Sure, you might misjudge whether or […]