Goats do drink coffee

Things Evan knows in his heart:

  1. Goats drink coffee (thanks Crazy Mocha!)
  2. He can put his shoes on properly because he’s going to be three years old (he yells “I’m gonna be free years old” at me when I try to tell him which foot to put in which shoe then defiantly, confidently proceeds to shove the wrong feet in the wrong shoes).
  3. it’s Dark Vader
  4. Jaba the Hutt is a worm who eats bugs
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the little things to remember

I am enjoying my time as the mom of little kids. I know the little kid phase goes by fast. In an effort to capture some moments that I’d otherwise forget, here goes…

One night at the dinner table this week, I asked Kyle if he was scolding me or maybe I joked that I was scolding him. Roger said “chook chook chook” and leaned forward in an assertive posture. We burst out laughing. “Chook chook chook” is what Ol’ Mama Squirrel says to scold potential predators when they come near her babies. He’s been getting books sent home to loan for a week and this was one of them. Kids are such little sponges.

His sugar addiction is something we probably need to work on. When leaving a friends house Sunday night he was practically unhinged because I told him he could have the cookie they gave us once he was buckled in safely to the car then, in his opinion, we weren’t leaving fast enough.  There were tears.

I’d say every other day me and Kyle think of our little daydream fantasy of sending him to a very rough family so that he could realize the grass isn’t greener and that we really aren’t so bad.

Driving home on Halloween, the song “I want candy” came on. Roger said “This is the best song ever. It’s even better than ‘rebel just for kicks.'”

The kids were also being adorable comparing their loot from school parties and hearing Evan pronounce “wolipop” makes my heart explode. The innocence and sweetness of little ones. <3