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Gymboree is going out of business.

While I usually love buy thrift store goodies, this sale caught my eye. Mostly because socks and pants are hard to get in great condition used for little boys….and the shirts were just too quirky-cute.

If you need some nice kid clothes – check out their well made, low priced options (free ship over $50, no returns).

a lightbulb or whiteboard

How many people does it take to install a lightbulb?
How many months does it take to get a whiteboard installed at my office?

I am working in a government style workplace these days. After the bleak conditions but impressive amount of work produced by most people in my last office, this is kind of a 180.

Por ejemplo, I received a whiteboard for our training room in October. It was just hung up on January 25th. This was not for lack of effort on my part, but here is the thing: I couldn’t just bring in my own drill and get’er’done. There is a union, actually there are a bunch of unions here. But anyhow, there is a janitorial/service union and if you do something as bold as hang a picture in your office or rearrange your furniture, they will be in an uproar and accuse you of trying to steal their jobs (or so I’m told).

Knowing that was the case, I sent a few emails and gave multiple verbal reminders and pleas to the head custodian. I even bought a stupid dip mix packet for his kid’s school fundraiser before Christmas.

All is well that ends well.