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Katie Landis: Author of Turk&Lilac. Spreading love & light to the best of my ability…rockin’ in the free world!

1984: Born Katelyn Turk to loving parents Gary and Sue. Raised in Edinboro, PA.

1989: Start playing soccer, participate in Girl Scouts where I meet some of my best friends.

1994: Endure loss of recess for asking a teacher why she always calls on the dumb kids.

1998: February – parents divorce is finalized. My brother and I begin spending half a week which each parent. April – live through a school shooting at my 8th grade graduation dance.

1999: Introduced to yoga for the first time when mom takes me to a mother-daughter class in Erie.

2000: Travel outside of the US and Canada for the first time. Mexico.

2002: Graduate High School. Travel to Italy with mom and brother. Begin college at University of Pittsburgh. Join Delta Delta Delta sorority.

2002-2006: College daze. Drink too much. Struggle with depression. Adapt to living in a city (unnatural compared to a town with 3 stop lights). Earn mediocre grades.

2005: Live off campus with two working adult friends. Adopt two cats. Begin seeing life beyond college.

2006: Meet future husband Kyle while playing soccer at Pitt. Manage to successfully wrap him up in my web. Graduate with a dual degree in English Writing and Business. Cry when Kyle moves back to Lehigh Valley for his job. Begin working at Nationwide Insurance in Seven Fields.

2007: Almost get a promotion in Philadelphia to be closer to Kyle and advance my career in the Insurance biz. Instead take a job in Pittsburgh in Marketing and Print Production at local sporting goods HQ. Kyle gets job at local university and moves back to Pittsburgh.

2008: Buy first house with Kyle. Adopt our first dog.

2009: Get engaged. Plant first backyard garden and make first compost bin.

2010: Marry Kyle and change my last name. Honeymoon in California. Adopt second dog. Start new job at local Grocery HQ.

2010-2011: Enjoyed best job ever as Print Buyer in fun department with 2 good coworkers on my immediate team and a good boss. Job outsourced. Boo. Given lateral move into a new job I did not like with good but compulsive-talking, anxious coworker.

2011: Kyle is ready to have kids. I’m not there yet.

2012: Dad calls to tell me has carcinoma. Tunnel vision, mega sad, life changing, noodle-leg moment. // Interview for promotion. Get it. Train coworker to do my job. Encourage her to negotiate great salary. Lean In. Promotion takes me from Produce department to Center Store. Oops, fuck. I hate center store. Realize working with Coke, Pepsi, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Kraft and all the CPGs is soul-sucking. Don’t want to participate in Marketing over-processed foods to a fattening America. Company is struggling, I keep getting more work as peers are laid off without increased compensation (gotta love how many companies treat workers these days!).

2013: November – get pregnant with my son Roger. January – lose my dad to cancer. Dad dying was my worst fear in life. It happened. I’m still here. // July – give birth to Roger. October – return to work. Mom moves to Pittsburgh to watch him full time.

2014: Realize the only thing I like about work is getting dressed up, doing my makeup and styling my hair for an audience of colleagues, my friends, my mentors, my paycheck, the gym classes offered, the nearby Goodwill I can get to on lunch breaks. Decide I want to take a career break and focus on family/fully processing grieving the loss of my dad. Kyle and my mom support this. Turn 30, quit my full time Marketing job, become a full-time mom.

2015: Realize, holy shit, being a full time mom is way harder than I thought it would be. It can be lonely. It’s the most important job in the world. You don’t get paid. Buy and sell houses – moving out of our beautiful Ben Avon “starter home” into our Sewickley “forever home.” Train for an Ironman 70.3 but cannot compete due to injury. Get pregnant with second baby! 100% sure it’s a girl, am shocked by ultrasound showing we’ll have another son!

2016: Welcome second son to our family. Soak up his insane cuteness constantly. Enjoy watching Roger in big brother role. Begin daydreaming about my ideal return to work situation.

2017: Interview and hire a wonderful Au Pair – Nina (shout out to APIA!). Return to work in a new field – Tech! Continue making improvements to our home and loving life in Pittsburgh.


Whatever your reasons for coming to my blog; I’m glad to have you as a reader and e-friend!


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