Ace Hotel Pittsburgh review

Saturday night I stayed at Ace Hotel. They lured me in with a coupon code email. Well, that and the fact that I love hotels and needed a break from wife and mom mode.

My girlfriends Kristen and Briana hung out with me. We ate dinner at Spoon by the fireplace which was so cozy and chill. Our server was great and the food was good…except me and Kris made a dumb move ordering chicken that we thought was going to be tofu imitating chicken. Note to self: clarify with server next time. The bonus was that Kyle got nice leftovers & it saved me a few calories.

The Ace experience was very good. Their staff seems eclectic, hip and artsy. I think to valet you may have to also be a male model, unsure.

The lobby is a nice scene of people chatting and having a good time drinking coffee or alcohol, depending on time of day.

The floors are old and amazing. The stairwells have gorgeous wrought iron detail.

Our room was a comfortable king bed suite. I liked the linens, pillows and bed. Scrumptiously comfortable. And my-oh-my did this mama enjoy sleeping all night uninterrupted. Major props and husband points to Kyle baby for supporting my girls night in dream.

Briana slept at her house so in the morning it was just me and Kristen. We went downstairs for breakfast in the hotel. I loved our gruff-voiced waiter, the sunny, plant-filled space and the delicious vegetarian options. We both had coconut cappuccinos and split the 3 egg omelette and mushroom gravy + biscuits. Everything was delectable!

KristenĀ  headed back to her husband and son and I relaxed and enjoyed the space a little longer. I took a nice, refreshing shower with the Rudy’s barbershop products. The grapefruit scented body wash was quite pleasant. My only “ding” to the great experience was regarding the shower setup. The water pressure was great but it was a short tub and the water nailed the back tile so hard it was hard to keep it from blasting past the curtain out onto the bathroom floor. I think that was a design flaw that they should try to fix by mounting the showerhead higher *but* the reason it might be lower is I think our room was handicap accessible. In that case, I think they should get glass doors to avoid the slip-n-slide on their concrete floors.

I liked the chair rail of pegs around the room. IĀ  particularly liked the quilted wall organizer they had hanging from it. #sewinggoals




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