baby breastfeeding moves

My nursing mom days are winding down. Evan is over one. Before the phase is a distant memory; I mocked-up some baby breastfeeding poses and moves that I have observed with my boys.

the torpedo baby pose

The Torpedo – When the baby is on your lap like a sideways, strong column, hands and feet pointed back. All he needs is his little mouth to nurse and he is happy even though he looks stiff and silly.

legs straight up

Viparita Karani – Babies intuitively know how to do good yoga poses. It seems weird to me when a little baby is sipping milk with his feet up near your face and shoulders but apparently it is one of many good options on the breastfeeding buffet.

woodpecker baby

The Woodpecker is a short lived phase when the baby is really young and not great at latching on yet. He sometimes gets annoyed or overly excited and takes a woodpecker back and forth tapping approach with his mouth in the general area of his mom’s boob hoping to land upon a nipple.

sneaky snacker

The Sneaky Snacker – Remember when you had only one child and you could sit still to feed him? Those days are over. You can’t slow down because you’re in charge of two kids now. No problem! Put the baby in a carrier, pop your boob in his mouth and keep walking. Everyone wins. The toddler can continue causing chaos, baby gets fed and cuddles mom and strangers don’t notice because self involvement and cell phones.

drive thru

The Drive-Thru – When your little one is on his way to big kid, he may employ the drive through method. It’s as if you’re breast is a water fountain in the hall, something he can just sip from and keep moving.

Those are the main ones I wanted to “draw” and touch upon. Happy breast or bottle feeding mamas. <3

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