Book Review: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I finished the best-selling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Friday.

One thing that struck me was her instruction to pile all like items on the floor before touching each piece and deciding whether it sparks joy (keep) or should be discarded.

She never says it, but I think part of why that work is because you’re demoting your items and taking them off of a pedestal of any kind.

It’s like dog trainers who would never let a dog sleep in their bed. There has to be a hierarchy where your rank above your things.

This book comes to me at a good time. I have an interest in organizing and beautifying our home, having our second baby, and returning to the work force once the baby is about one year old.

I am definitely not going to be a dream student of KonMari method. I’m sure my process will have many interruptions (yes, that’s what being home with a toddler will do to you). While I’m afraid to tackle makeup anytime Roger is awake because he has a knack at opening things, plunging fingers in and running around in a game of keep-away; I’ve already thinned out some clothes and books.

The mementos and photos are definitely hard to tackle and sort. Having lost a parent at a young age, probably at any age, you feel a sentimentality toward certain things. However, I can embrace her theory that keeping fewer things that speak to my heart are best.

Have you read the book?

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