Braving the cold

Winter weather and snow have finally arrived in Pittsburgh.

Roger has been enjoying the snow. While the snow melted, it’s still pretty brisk. Sunday we got out for a family walk on the Montour Trail. It was about 32 degrees out.

“Walk” is almost an over-exaggeration of what we did. As we parked, Kyle noticed a guy playing with his remote control car in the parking lot. When we got out of the car, Roger naturally took an interest in it. We took a long time to walk past the guy and his zippy toy car. Once on the trail, Roger wanted to be in his stroller for a little bit, then decided to walk. We quickly neared a stream. At this point, walking pretty much ended and rock-tossing became the main event. He threw with daddy for a while. Daddy tried to get him to move along and do some walking but he quickly went back to the edge of the creek. Then I was the hands on parent throwing with him (and most importantly keeping him from falling or jumping into the water). Daddy took another turn then we turned back to the car.

Kyle snapped some pictures for us. My maternity coat strangely completely masks my large bump. I am 38 weeks into the pregnancy now and our time as a family of three is winding down!

montour trail walk pittsburgh patalking over our rock tossing planmommy and Roger. 38 weeks pregnant.


Oh, and I tested out the makeup look Lisa Eldridge demonstrates in her “Universally Chic Makeup Look” video. Her tutorial is very good. I’d give myself a B on execution and the dreary day didn’t help me look particularly photogenic but please feel encouraged to check her vid out and give it a whirl.

Happy birthday to our dear friend Dave! We have a lot of big milestones in January – mostly birthdays but also the anniversary of my dad’s passing. We are interested to see when our Little Critter 2.0 makes his debut!

Hope everyone has a lovely day. XX

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