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  • I’ve been tagged: 4 Things

    Thank you, Erin, <www.mybeautifulblankpages.blogspot.com> for the tag/writing prompt! 4 Things… four names that people call me: 1. Katie 2. Turk 3. Katie Bug 4. Kate Skate four jobs I’ve had: 1. Nationwide Insurance Claims Representative 2. Subway Sandwich Artist 3. Marketing Assistant 4. Full Time Mom/Homemaker four movies I’ve seen more than once: 1. Mary Poppins […]

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  • Book Review: Michelle Phan’s “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success Online and Off”

    I recently borrowed this book “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success Online and Off” from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and read it. It was a quick, easy book to get through. I liked reading about Michelle’s background and how she found success/fame on YouTube. The skincare advice was a good reminder […]

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  • Book Review: The Urban Homestead

    I finished The Urban Homestead last night. It was a great book filled with practical advice. One of the lines that stood out to me was (paraphrasing): the home has gone from an engine of production to an engine of consumption. The authors wrote about the perks of keeping your home nice, growing your own […]

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  • Salvage Secrets: book

    I am borrowing the book Salvage Secrets by Joanne Palmisano from the library. The book is nice for my daydreams. I can picture buying homes to fix up or perhaps just helping others to refinish their homes. Here are some images. I’ve seen some neat lockers at Construction Junction that have tempted me for our […]

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  • Animal Vegetable Miracle & Memorial Day Camping Recap

    Barbara Kingsolver and her co-author’s (her hubby and eldest daughter) wrote a book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which I listened to on CD.  It was quite interesting and good.  The book is read by Barbara and I enjoy that she pronounces angst like “ongst” and cilantro “seelontro.”  Little quirks like that are fun to me.  Like how […]

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  • Radical Reading and the Beautiful Idea

    When you’re writing, you create a thesis based on supporting information.  In high school we were taught to research and outline an essay before writing it.  As you did research, common themes emerged and soon enough you could choose a thesis. About two years ago when my dad was first diagnosed as being terminally ill; it […]