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  • That was fun but now it’s done

    I decided to reel in my bad eating. You can learn a lot from Mr. Rogers and his spin-off cartoon show Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. The line that came to mind when I was finally ready to stop wolfing down girl scout cookies (ate about 4 boxes in a few weeks) and Hershey bars (I finished […]

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  • Spring Giddiness

    I love springtime. I anticipate the growing season, pool days, more sunlight. Then there’s the ability to wear shorts and sandals and tank tops – hurrah! I like to get myself hyped up for planting season by watching youtube videos on homesteading and gardening. Will I ever be a full-blown homesteader like the guy with an electric […]

  • Do it Yourself DIY
  • Guy time

    Over winter break I enjoyed a lot of time with my guys. We did a pretty good job balancing important to-dos and having fun as a family of three. We worked on finishing up the nursery. We took Roger bowling for the first time. We tested out some new recipes. We visited Phipps and Roger was […]

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  • Thanksgiving recap

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now I can begin to think about Christmas more thoroughly and embrace holly-jolly tunes. Before we get into the Christmas spirit, a look back at Turkey Day – which is one of my favorite holidays. We hosted a group of 14 family members. My aunt and uncle traveled the farthest […]