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  • Your Party Sounds Awesome

    I was at a friend’s 3 year old son’s birthday party and complimented his dad Danny on his new nose stud. “Yeah, I was at a party where they were doing piercings and tattoos so I decided to get this nose ring.” What!? I was like “Wow, your party sounds way cooler than the parties […]

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  • This is 40

    Watching This is 40 a few weeks ago was so affirming. I remember watching the film in theaters and being struck by how real it felt. I went in expecting a pretty light-hearted comedy a la Knocked Up and left feeling thoughtful, with a Ryan Adams song in my head. Though not yet 40, the responsibility […]

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  • I’ve been tagged: 4 Things

    Thank you, Erin, <www.mybeautifulblankpages.blogspot.com> for the tag/writing prompt! 4 Things… four names that people call me: 1. Katie 2. Turk 3. Katie Bug 4. Kate Skate four jobs I’ve had: 1. Nationwide Insurance Claims Representative 2. Subway Sandwich Artist 3. Marketing Assistant 4. Full Time Mom/Homemaker four movies I’ve seen more than once: 1. Mary Poppins […]

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  • Oscars

    On Sunday I will tune in for the Oscars and red carpet fashion.  My friend Dawn is hosting a party at her house.  Conveniently, that is right across the street from my house – score! The party attire is sweats and leggings with all the rhinestones and glitter you can muster.  I cannot wait! I might […]

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  • Tales from the weekend

    I put Coconut Oil on my face and I recommend it to friends!  Clean your face, smear some coconut oil on.  Feel the benefits of moisturized skin for a fraction of the cost of La Mer.  Coconut oil is availble in your local grocery store.  It looks lard-ish up to a certain temperature point then […]