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  • A bit of Bike Commuting

    I’ve been riding my bike three days a week. My day goes: wake up, eat breakfast with the boys, play, get everyone dressed, drive, park, bike, work, bike, drive, hang with my family, put Evan to bed, go to bed. It’s a nice routine. Yeah, I could get hurt or killed by a car. I’ll […]

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  • That was fun but now it’s done

    I decided to reel in my bad eating. You can learn a lot from Mr. Rogers and his spin-off cartoon show Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood. The line that came to mind when I was finally ready to stop wolfing down girl scout cookies (ate about 4 boxes in a few weeks) and Hershey bars (I finished […]

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  • It rained. I ran.

    On Friday morning Roger was being somewhat demon-ish or just a typical energetic toddler depending how you look at it. We headed to the playground to burn off some energy in a positive way. I vaguely remembered something about a rainy forecast being stated on the radio but skies looked good and I wanted to […]

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  • Paddleboarding

    My little baby-in-womb and I went paddleboarding. I’ve been meaning to try it for years and finally, spurred by thoughtful and generous gift cards from Kyle, I¬†did it. Balancing was easy. It did make my feet sore. I was spreading them out and gripping with my toes so the tendons (or whatever is in there) […]

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  • Dirty Girl Mud Run 2015- review

    Mom, Tressa and I headed to Export, PA to participate in the 2015 Dirty Girl Mud Run, Pittsburgh edition. My friend Courtnay did it in 2014 and gave it a great review. Her word of mouth recommendation and a Living Social deal spurred me to buy a 3-pack of tickets. Mom picked me up around […]

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  • Don’t Move My Cheese

    There was a short “business/self help” book telling people to be able to adapt if someone moves your cheese (i.e. things change). Well, I’m a planner. I don’t like when my cheese is moved. I like to get people aligned and make a plan: what type of cheese we will be eating, when, how much, […]

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  • Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap

    Yesterday I ran the first 13.1 mile race I’ve run since the Indy Mini Marathon in 2011(?). It was my third half marathon race and my slowest time yet. 2:19:57 Leading up to the run, I was battling (still am battling) an upper respiratory infection. My workouts ground to a halt and I focused on […]