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  • F It & Nutcracker 2016

    My son now says “fuck it.” Over the summer he had a brief “fucking Jesus” phase. Both naughty phrases, he can pronounce perfectly. Meanwhile, he cannot pronounce yellow (says “ellow”). I know where he got the “F.J.” from. He heard it from someone frustrated in our household spoken under his breath during distressing toddler-parenting times. […]

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  • Thanksgiving recap

    We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now I can begin to think about Christmas more thoroughly and embrace holly-jolly tunes. Before we get into the Christmas spirit, a look back at Turkey Day – which is one of my favorite holidays. We hosted a group of 14 family members. My aunt and uncle traveled the farthest […]

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  • Halloween month is here

    We are not up to the excitement and obsession level of Heidi Klum, but we enjoy Halloween. This blogger’s summary with costume, nail art and festive food ideas is cute. I would like to be a mermaid but am also considering putting Roger in his Where the Wild Things Are Max costume then perhaps Kyle […]

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  • Animal Vegetable Miracle & Memorial Day Camping Recap

    Barbara Kingsolver and her co-author’s (her hubby and eldest daughter) wrote a book called Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which I listened to on CD.  It was quite interesting and good.  The book is read by Barbara and I enjoy that she pronounces angst like “ongst” and cilantro “seelontro.”  Little quirks like that are fun to me.  Like how […]

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  • Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Dress up a gift card by wrapping it in a little box or tin.  Shown here – craft paper, green vine ribbon and a little plaid Santa card. Glitter lovers unite!  I used black craft paper, cut a strip of glitter wrapping paper and ran that down the middle (like a large ribbon strip) and […]