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    I am getting more into music again and it feels so good! I pulled all the CDs I inherited from my dad out of the storage box they were in in the basement and moved them into our dining room hutch for easier access. I also pulled a bunch of my CDs out and have […]

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    The Smiths are musically talented, have good acting careers/potential, are lovely and are friends with my favorite celebrity family, the Beckhams. Here is Jaden’s new song followed by the rest of the family in youtube videos I like: I think our family is wonderful too.  We went to the dog park in Riverview Park at […]

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  • Space Age Dubstep

    1) Space Age lipstick gift from my coworker.  Thank you so much Danielle!  Check out the Ellis Faas website.  It is amazing and inspirational design-wise. 2) My gift to you:  this cool song:   Flight Facilities Crave You 3) I’m looking forward to seeing the film Blood Brother! 4) I finished reading Flowers for Algernon […]

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  • She had Diamonds on the Inside

        I knew a girl Her name was truth She was a horrible liar She couldn’t spend one day alone But she couldn’t be satisfied When you have everything You have everything to lose She made herself a bed of nails And she’s planning on putting it to use But she had diamonds on […]