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  • kids these days

    I love recording stories about what the boys are up to. Everyone says the early years will fly by. Monday after work, Nina’s friends Mara & Paula were over and they had cinnamon rolls on the counter. Kyle pushed them back figuring Roger may have already spotted them but trying to dissuade any obsessing. Roger […]

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  • Outer Space

    Outer Space has captured Roger’s imagination. When I brush his teeth at night I pretend the toothbrush is  a rocket ship and  his teeth are planets. He seems to really like that and it keeps the process moving. I decided to get a fitness DVD from the library and saw “Outer Space Yoga for Kids.” […]

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  • baby breastfeeding moves

    My nursing mom days are winding down. Evan is over one. Before the phase is a distant memory; I mocked-up some baby breastfeeding poses and moves that I have observed with my boys. The Torpedo – When the baby is on your lap like a sideways, strong column, hands and feet pointed back. All he […]

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  • This is 40

    Watching This is 40 a few weeks ago was so affirming. I remember watching the film in theaters and being struck by how real it felt. I went in expecting a pretty light-hearted comedy a la Knocked Up and left feeling thoughtful, with a Ryan Adams song in my head. Though not yet 40, the responsibility […]

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  • F It & Nutcracker 2016

    My son now says “fuck it.” Over the summer he had a brief “fucking Jesus” phase. Both naughty phrases, he can pronounce perfectly. Meanwhile, he cannot pronounce yellow (says “ellow”). I know where he got the “F.J.” from. He heard it from someone frustrated in our household spoken under his breath during distressing toddler-parenting times. […]

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  • Toddler logic

    The other day Roger, Kyle and Evan were playing on the third floor. Roger said he thought he heard a storm. Kyle said, “no I think it’s an airplane sound, buddy.” Roger said: “Oh, an airplane coming for Nina on the third floor.” Toddler logic is so magical. Or lack of logic. Or logic mixed with […]