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  • Stay Put

    A rolling stone gathers no moss. We faked ourselves out into rolling but stayed put instead. We got rid of some moss and renewed our love for our abode. Kyle-baby and me hatched a plan to downsize. We found an awesome house that is 2 stories, 3 bedrooms and in a great location. 603 Davis […]

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  • message received

    I went to church on Sunday at the Sewickley United Methodist Church. The initial plan was to take Roger but he delighted in staying in his orange boxer briefs for over 30 minutes coming up with distraction after distraction to keep him from getting dressed so I took Evan instead. It was a chilly walk […]

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  • F It & Nutcracker 2016

    My son now says “fuck it.” Over the summer he had a brief “fucking Jesus” phase. Both naughty phrases, he can pronounce perfectly. Meanwhile, he cannot pronounce yellow (says “ellow”). I know where he got the “F.J.” from. He heard it from someone frustrated in our household spoken under his breath during distressing toddler-parenting times. […]

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  • A story that Must be told

    I just got back from listening to Mr. (Abraham) Judah Samet share his story. He is a Holocaust survivor who spoke at the Sewickley Library tonight. Usually, I wouldn’t get out alone on a weeknight but it’s my birthday so I asked for the night out to listen to and learn from this man without […]

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  • The Ultimate Thrift Shop Find

    I love the little flower fabric on the inner collar. Such detail. So sweet. I love the Kaufmann’s logo. Rest in Peace Kaufmann’s.¬†Good Goodwill find. $4.99 Missoni. A few weekends ago, we hoped to go to the Regent Square Community Yard Sale but it was raining cats and dogs. While that might have been fine […]