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    A rolling stone gathers no moss. We faked ourselves out into rolling but stayed put instead. We got rid of some moss and renewed our love for our abode. Kyle-baby and me hatched a plan to downsize. We found an awesome house that is 2 stories, 3 bedrooms and in a great location. 603 Davis […]

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    Fashion: This whispery black ensemble looks like something Lisa would pull off and look stunning in. I love blogger Lindsey’s affordable, chic combos on Thrift and Shout.  How cute is her alligator look? Sincerely Jules’ girly tomboy look is darling.  This looks like what Kristen Stewart should aspire to. Homes: Sometimes homes without rugs look […]

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    This home tour is special to me because the foyer and small powder room (formerly a coat closet) are laid out just like our home!  Radiator on the right, similar stairwell, everything!  I have a bit of mud room envy.  What a charming home tour.  It’s neat to see a house miles away in Rhode […]

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    This house featured on Hooked on Houses goes out to my friend Laura who loves Kiawah Island. Put some lipstick on.  You look so pretty with lipstick on.  (The words of Beth’s old salon manager.)  That is what I want to say to a certain gorgeous and talented blogger who looks a bit washed out […]