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  • Your Party Sounds Awesome

    I was at a friend’s 3 year old son’s birthday party and complimented his dad Danny on his new nose stud. “Yeah, I was at a party where they were doing piercings and tattoos so I decided to get this nose ring.” What!? I was like “Wow, your party sounds way cooler than the parties […]

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  • Ask an Expert

    I could have saved myself a lot of time and money if I understood that I should just get advice from experts in their field. This came to me when I was thinking about clothing hangers. In one of Rachel Zoe’s books she said to use slim velvet hangers because wood ones are pretty, but […]

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  • jeans

    I was wearing my dad’s old jeans which I bleach/dyed at lululemon on Sunday and I made a new friend with a staffer who happens to go to the same gym as me! She really liked the jeans and asked if I got them online. She explained there is a high end seller who specializes […]

  • Makeup
  • Lively eye makeup

    In addition to her absolutely stunning sequined Gucci dress, I loved Blake Lively’s winged shadow at her Gucci Perfume Launch.  More images of Blake looking like a rockstar via OK Magazine. I was inspired to imitate the eyeshadow in a slightly subtler rendition for work.  This was taken 12 hours after application.  A bit of […]

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  • Meowwwwwwww

    I’m 75% sure I need these in my life.  Worn with leggings, a long tank dress, a high ponytail and, just follow me on this daydream…you knew it was a daydream when I pretended my hear is long enough for a high pony, a black Balenciaga motorcycle bag. Meowwwwwww. Sam Edelman Alexander Studded Sneaker.  Approximately […]