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  • Storyteller

    Although it is not a paid profession, I identify as a storyteller. As an adolescent kid I’d captivate an audience of peers with “story time” during Blue Dolphins swim practice (as an excuse to take a break from swimming laps). I am not sure why our coach agreed to let me yap but I guess […]

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  • message received

    I went to church on Sunday at the Sewickley United Methodist Church. The initial plan was to take Roger but he delighted in staying in his orange boxer briefs for over 30 minutes coming up with distraction after distraction to keep him from getting dressed so I took Evan instead. It was a chilly walk […]

  • Story time
  • he is your president

    Oh, politics. Like it or not, Donald Trump is our president. There are a lot of things that are confusing in the world but one that befuddles me is the “not my president” movement. I love using my imagination as much as, probably more than, the next person. However, it’s also okay and a good […]

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  • Crocs Confessional

    I have to admit something. I started out hating Crocs. Hating them. I’m pretty sure I said almost verbatim “they are for people who’ve given up on life and are sad and fat.” Here is my confession: I converted. What caused this conversion? Four things. 1. The Company’s Stick-to-it-ive-ness a. they innovated – they added […]

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  • Hardwiring Happiness

    I’ve been reading a lot of self improvement and psychology type books. Hardwiring Happiness was quite good. The main things I took away from it are: We have a negativity bias. It’s passed down from our ancestors who survived and bred. The ones who were cautious, clingy and wary of a tiger attack were the […]

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  • Living with PTSD

    War veterans come to mind when the acronym PTSD is mentioned. However, there are lots of people living with post traumatic stress disorder for different reasons. After the 8th grade graduation “celebratory” Dinner Dance school shooting I lived through as an adolescent; I thought a lot about what meaning to take from it. The way […]

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  • Happiness

    I’m listening to a book on CD called Hardwiring Happiness. It is about how the brain works and what we can do to improve our contentment. In college I took a neuroscience class. Science can be so interesting. I’m not much of a chemistry person but like biology and things with practical applications that enable […]