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  • A story that Must be told

    I just got back from listening to Mr. (Abraham) Judah Samet share his story. He is a Holocaust survivor who spoke at the Sewickley Library tonight. Usually, I wouldn’t get out alone on a weeknight but it’s my birthday so I asked for the night out to listen to and learn from this man without […]

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  • Everyone Listen

    Everyone please listen to this Fresh Air interview with Joe R. Lansdale. Here is the summary from NPR: ‘Hap And Leonard’ Creator Needed To ‘Burn Bridges’ To Make It As A Writer: Joe R. Lansdale grew up poor in east Texas and worked as a janitor and in a potato field before finding success as […]

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  • ABR: Always Be Reading

    I love this portion of the Darius Foroux article from The Observer (which I found linked to from Nubby Twiglet’s blog): A(always) B(e) R(eading) You might have heard of the term ‘ABC’ from the play/movie Glengarry Glen Ross: Always Be Closing. Many salespeople and entrepreneurs live by that motto. I live by a different motto: Always Be Reading. […]

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  • Pregnancy dreams

    Pregnancy dreams are extra crazy. Last night I dreamt that I went to a beer pong tournament with my mom, and friends Kate and Beth. Simultaneously Beth was somehow also babysitting Roger at home. It was the night of my due date and Kyle was going to meet me at the tournament because we knew […]

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  • Fall time activities and staying warm

    Wow. I am not the hardiest for putting up with the cold. The ‘burgh has had snowfall already. It was light and didn’t stick but it was snow. In early mid October. Saturday we had a neighborhood block party. The weather was frigid which took down the fun a notch. However, there was a really […]