Crocs Confessional

I have to admit something. I started out hating Crocs. Hating them. I’m pretty sure I said almost verbatim “they are for people who’ve given up on life and are sad and fat.”

Here is my confession: I converted.

What caused this conversion? Four things.
1. The Company’s Stick-to-it-ive-ness
a. they innovated – they added lines like ballet flats
b. I was repeatedly exposed to them and it was like that pop song on the radio that you think stinks at first but then you find yourself singing along and feeling happy
a. I am an old lady in a middle age ladies body and I pretty much will not wear heals any more unless they are supppppppperrrrr comfortable or there is some reason I need to feel tall & with toned calves.
3. Durability/Washability
a. I love shizz you can rinse off with a hose and it will look as good as new

a. do you know how cool and impossible and financially dumb it is to try to keep up with trends? Very. I like fact that you can wear crocs as if to say “yes, I can afford to buy fancier shoes but I love myself enough to strut around in these weird molded foamy shoes with a smile on my face.”


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