Everyone Listen

Everyone please listen to this Fresh Air interview with Joe R. Lansdale.

Here is the summary from NPR:

‘Hap And Leonard’ Creator Needed To ‘Burn Bridges’ To Make It As A Writer: Joe R. Lansdale grew up poor in east Texas and worked as a janitor and in a potato field before finding success as a writer. Honky Tonk Samurai is the latest book in his mystery series.

What I love about the interview:

The author’s voice and Texas accent

He had long hair at a time that was a political statement

He is into equality/writes well rounded minority characters

His family sounds awesome and tight-knit

They were poor but had a happy upbringing filled with books and simple pleasures

His parents kicking @ss to protect the family dog

Lansdale is into martial arts

He is a hard worker who was not “too good” for any job

He seems to be part of an awesome, supportive marriage. His wife encouraged him to take 3 months off while she would support them and write. He wrote 90 short stories.


I have not read any of his works yet but will be doing so soon.


Additional links and things I’ve been enjoying lately:

thrifty decor chick photo

Thrifty Decor Chick’s article on 5 favorite decorating essentials. I like her because she seems nice and is not obnoxiously rich which makes her home decor feel attainable and she supports other bloggers by linking to their nice projects and before-and-afters.

Amber Interior’s article on eHow – how to choose living room furniture. I generally love our living room but we have some room for improvement. Currently the orange chair I own is an eyesore and we are missing a decent coffee table. Plus, I’d like to add some plants…but it might have to wait a little longer until the boys can handle not destroying them. Our living room can be a rambunctious zone.

I used my first snail sheet mask. It’s great. Also, I think sheet mask is going to become a verb like google did. Example: I sheet masked last night. Your skin is glowing. Did you? Also, I like this mask as much as my way more expensive SK-II ones I splurged on. It just goes to show: be very careful before you buy expensive sh*t. There may be a wonderful, cheaper alternative.

Over the weekend we were supposed to go visit my in-laws but they were sick. I emailed Kyle something to the effect of – let’s do some fun stuff and some productive stuff. We cooked delicious recipes (which is fun and productive come to think of it) and we worked on purging some excess stuff from our basement. I also began chipping away at my gallery wall install goal. woo woo.

gallery wall layout on dining room table first

Recipe 1: pear, toasted walnut, great northern bean and brussel sprout salad.


Recipe 2: Tomato Soup from Gourmet Vegetarian Slow Cooker (this cookbook is awesome – we’ve now made four recipes from it and all are excellent!).

tomato soup turkandlilaccom

We got to see friends and got out for two good walks: one as an errand run into town to buy champagne and wine, the second as a nature walk up in Sewickley Heights park – part of Allegheny Land Trust. It was a low-key, nice weekend.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends too! Happy Monday.

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