Reentering the workforce full time has had its peaks and valleys.

I recently had a pretty bad 90 day review.

I took the feedback. I looked hard at myself.

I acknowledged faults/flaws/nonsense in my life. I realized I don’t need a social life at work. I can work smarter and tune out the annoyances. I can focus on the good, judge less, talk less, smile more, accept more, invest more in the best things in life.

While I might dislike it and find it uncool that my bosses have invested next-to-zero time training me or getting to know me; that is their choice. My choice is how I behave. I’ve decided to learn the job in spite of a rocky start. I will plant seeds in the desert and capture the water droplets I can find to grow my little succulents.

This job might not be a forever thing, but what is? I will learn it now, earn my paycheck and realize it is not the Katie Landis corporation. Everybody’s got to serve somebody and I have it pretty good in life! By trying harder, maybe things will get a little better. Here’s hoping.

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