Friday morning shout-outs

It’s nice to know your friends are thinking of you.  Here are some shout-outs to my readers and pals.  Have a happy Friday and safe, fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

Lisa, check out this feature on the Billionaire behind Zara.

A notorious recluse, Amancio Ortega founded the Zara clothing chain and is No. 3 on Forbes magazine's billionaire list.
image via credit: Inditex/AP

The photo of Carlos goes out to Lindsey.  When we rented together for two years.  He “tormented” her.  She is not the biggest cat fan. Meanwhile, I find him to be 100% precious.

This 60s style beauty feature goes out to my glamorous, hair styling goddess friend Beth.

This J.Law article w/ embedded video goes out to Alessia who loves Hunger Games just as I do.

Alana, isn’t this profile on Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspiring?

Laura, would Popeye enjoy having you read some Pinterest style hair tutorials for Shi Tzus so that you can primp him?

Ballerinas in the street go out to Katie who dressed up as Natalie Portman in Black Swan with me (although we celebrated in different cities) for Halloween 2011.The link to Pop City Media goes out to Kelly who will be a Pittsburgh girl again so soon!  I can’t wait to have another friend local.

Pints of Guiness Make You Strong goes out to Dave and the boys who are celebrating Dave’s upcoming wedding by boozing it up for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

This beautiful editorial with horses goes out to Carly.

This book recommendation for Lean In goes out to my friend Andrea who avoided the working world for a long time by being a superstar student.  Now it’s time to rock and roll in Corporate America, baby.  I can loan it to you once I read it if you want!

Kristen, go see this beautiful pregnant blogger Anh.  She’s due around our due dates!

Erica, isn’t this business model clever?  Maybe we should start something like this based in Asheville and employ all of our friends.

Emily, doesn’t this Moroccan Carrot Salad recipe sound delicious and unique?

Lisa, should we make our own Shamrock Shakes?

Dawn, indulge in some organizational inspiration photos!

Kyle, let’s make these fish tacos with peach salsa once it’s time to fire up the grill.

This makes me want to paint….er, buy a painting.  How about you Briana?

Any fashionable male reader ~ this is your shout out (courtesy of the NY Times).  In Silcon Valley these days, the stealth signifier of status is that throwback to the glory days of haberdashery: brightly patterned socks.  Excerpt from Guy Trebay’s 2/27/13 article.

An article on “The Late, Late Show” about being late goes out to Mom, a.k.a. Super Sue.

To my talented writer friend Lindy: Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.

Andrea, we already had our mini freak out about Google Reader shutting down.  I think this is a big win for BlogLovin.

Erin, I see that your girls Tegan and Sara got some press on NPR.

I’ll leave everyone with something fun.  My friend Clark lives in Thailand and got to see this ADORABLE baby elephant playing and swimming on the beach.

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  1. Laura Hsiao says:

    Hahaha…I don’t think Popeye would want such a girly ‘do! He already gets called a girl pretty often. :)

  2. AJ says:

    Haha, Kate, you know me too well. I was JUST reading the Lean In reviews on Amazon yesterday! Would love to borrow the book from you when you’re finished with it. I checked my local library and there are 253 (!!) holds on the book, so it’ll be quite a while before it’s ready for me. Thanks for the great shout out. I’ll look into the Blog Lovin website, too. You = awesome!

  3. Our female dog Jordan gets called “him” and our male cat Carlos gets called “her” so they could identify with Popeye. I bet your house is so cute and home-y now with your little pooch adding some excitement.

  4. Wow, 253 holds. Go Sheryl. I can ship it or give it to you in person to borrow in May!

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