I’m listening to a book on CD called Hardwiring Happiness. It is about how the brain works and what we can do to improve our contentment.

In college I took a neuroscience class. Science can be so interesting. I’m not much of a chemistry person but like biology and things with practical applications that enable me to better understand the world.
Recently, my friend Bri was talking about applying lessons she learned in The Happiness Project to her life.
There is so much information and opportunity in the world!
For a few weeks, I felt like I was under siege. One thing would pop up, I’d work to resolve it, then another thing would pop up and it would rattle my cage. It hit the point where I was grinding my teeth at night and had a few nightmares. Usually sleep is a really calm, regenerating escape for any daytime problems for me.
As I continued to work on being strong and happy, the world kept throwing tough life situations at me. For instance, last Monday, Halloween, our dear Au Pair Nina had a hurt stomach. My husband stayed home from work to care for the boys. Tuesday I took her to a Minute Clinic, we received the appendicitis diagnosis, so off to the E.R. we went.
Days later, she is home recovering from her emergency appendectomy. Kyle and I have had to band together to help care for her and figure out working-hour childcare for our boys as well as play catch up at work and at home.
It’s weird because sometimes when situations I am in feel crazy; I feel centered like I am in the “eye of the hurricane.”
There is probably some psychological reason for it. It’s not fight or flight. It’s just rational survival mode, I suppose.
Tough situations often highlight those you are blessed to have in your life. Our friend Lindy has gone into superhero mode and provides loving care for our kids many days. She does it with a warm heart and a smiling face.
Often in a place with all four seasons like Pittsburgh, the winter brings a bit of hunkering down and warm, cozy rest. I welcome life slowing down just a bit. I will welcome spring and summer and fall as well. You’ve gotta love the cycles of life that mother nature brings.
And now, let us think of something pleasant and bask in it. As the Rick Hanson, the author of Hardwiring Happiness says, “install the happy feeling” and “overcome the negativity bias.”

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