kids these days

I love recording stories about what the boys are up to. Everyone says the early years will fly by.

Monday after work, Nina’s friends Mara & Paula were over and they had cinnamon rolls on the counter. Kyle pushed them back figuring Roger may have already spotted them but trying to dissuade any obsessing. Roger went to pee and Paula walked towards the front of the house to leave, carrying the cinnamon rolls. Upon seeing this, Roger burst from the bathroom chasing her with naked bottom and pants around ankles, shuffling, saying “come back here! those are mine!” Kyle and Nina were cracking up because they know his “treat obsessed” ways.

Evan is in a cute phase of toddling around, doing “no more monkeys jumping on the bed” finger wagging, shaking his head “no,” giving high fives and exploring his world with joy and typical boundary-testing interest (“can I throw Chip’s cat food?”)

Roger goes through phases with certain books being the top-ranking stories for bedtime reading. Right now it is a tie between Best Picture Dictionary Ever and Usborne Illustrated Stories for Boys.

With Scarry’s book – Best Picture Dictionary Ever, you get to learn words and enjoy the imaginative world filled with animal/people hybrid characters. Dingo always has us laughing at his terrible driving and Mama Bear can’t bake very well. The other morning, I told Roger I thought if we were characters in the book Evan would be Babykins. I said “who would you be?” He thought briefly then said “Macintosh.” I was impressed with the good choice. Macintosh seems pretty stand-up. Then Roger said something like “Macintosh didn’t fix the hole in his roof. That’s silly!” haha

Then we have the Usborne book. I question if it’s age appropriate but have not nixed it from the mix. Our neighbor-friend Susan handed it down to us because her kids are in High School now. While I think topics like death and images of blood are a bit much for a three year old, one could also argue that these are all natural phenomenons. I am taking the strategy of not making an overly big deal out of things. I try to keep things age appropriate but also don’t want to talk down to my kids or treat them like they can’t handle knowing real things.

Speaking of….a few months ago Roger accompanied me to visit my dad’s grave. He is so sensitive and perceptive. As we drove into the cemetery and parked he said something like “this is a sad place.” We got out and paid our respects. Roger had a lot of questions about my dad passing away and we had a good, mature talk about it. The most heartbreaking, yet sweet part, was when he said sadly “oh, I miss him. I want him.” It is definitely the simple feeling I feel so often and would have been a joy to get to have my kids know my dad. However, I told Roger I will tell him stories and show him pictures and it will be almost like he got to know dad.

About a week ago, we went to pick up groceries at Market District and Roger pointed to a cemetery asking me “is that where people’s moms and dads who passed away are?” So, we had another good conversation about cemeteries, death, old age and being laid to rest.

Over Easter weekend, we went to Edinboro. I always enjoy going “home” and getting into nature. We stayed with uncle Dale Bob and got to see his neighbor’s farm animals (I picked up and held two chickens – getting better at the farm girl thing!) and got to see one of my best friends Kelly and her little hunky babe Lane.


…and of course – the Easter Bunny made a visit! It was a great weekend. I hope you and yours had a lovely Easter and may your cinnabuns stay within eyesight.


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