Hair: this is gorgeous.  In addition to the hairdo, the photography and hair color and lipstick on this woman are lovely.

image courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Makeup:  we lost a visionary in terms of women’s health, particularly breast cancer awareness, with the passing of Evelyn Lauder.  Here is a nice, quick profile from CBS News.

Pittsburgh:  Pop City Media article on Pittsburgh’s Wish List.  Suggestions for improvements to our city, particularly downtown.  My personal suggestion is for Steelers fans to show their pride through outfits like what Anh at is wearing rather than some of the dated jeans and (h)UGE jerseys I see.

~ so chic ~ image courtesy of 9to5chic

Exercise:  This post by the Skinny Runner cracks me up!  Check out her Celebricizing photos and commentary.  Her blog is great.  I can picture my friends really liking it.  Hint, hint – go read her stuff.

Life:  I’m back from a wonderful getaway in NYC with my friend Lisa.  Central Park was a GORGEOUS place to run and people watch Saturday morning.  The fall leaves and vibrancy of so many people exercising and enjoying nature was heartwarming to see.  We enjoyed scoping out dogs, different running forms and we even saw a kids race flanked by Fire Fighter volunteers cheering them on.

enjoying a gorgeous fall day in Central Park

Fashion:  Consider shopping using ebates for holiday gifts.  Disclosure: if you click my referral link I will receive a $5 credit.

DIY:  This is such a cute, creative way to display sunglasses (and keep them safe).  I went to Cupcakes and Cashmere after reading an article about fashion bloggers who are represented by agents.  Go girl!

image courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  I must wrap up typing because my face is literally dripping honey.  The flights to and from NYC and my travel size harsh face wash were too tough on my sensitive skin.  I will let you know how the natural cure for dry skin works out.

Much love!

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