My over-a-decade obsession with Lil Wayne

It has confounded many a friend and acquaintance when I reveal the depth and strength of my Lil Wayne obsession.lil wayne smiling

What is it about him that has struck such a chord with me?

There are a number of things I love about Lil Wayne actually. I enjoy his laugh, his smile, his extreme persistence in creating song after song after song. I like that he has lyrics I identify with. I admire his toned body. I admire that he is a man of many passions: women, skateboarding, sports, and music to name a few.

Would Weezy and I be friends in real life? I couldn’t even guess. But I will tell you what: he is a muse, a creative force in the universe who brings me joy and that is enough.

Selected lyrics I identify with or have identified with:

We are not the same I am a martian. | You snakes, stop hiding in the grass. | I feel like dying. | Bitch I’ma turn this crack rock into a mountain – dare me. (not the drug part – but I correlate this to working hard and making something from nothing / proving haters wrong). | I’m me | Used to be ballin’ now I’m Bill Gatin’ | I’m just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood (not his originally of course but still so good) | make that money, make that money, then watch the government take that money | all rats must die even master splinter | skinny ass pants, fresh pair of vans, if you [ppl] keep hatin’ [ppl] share an ambulance | got a sign on my dick that says ‘bad bitches only’ | bitch [ppl] go behind ya back like nunchucks and that’s fucked up | if there’s a throne, you lookin’ at the chairman. how you want it? show me my opponent |

Basically I think he is a true artist. I enjoy artists. I wish he weren’t so tortured but not everyone can be Elizabeth Gilbert.


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