On Sunday I will tune in for the Oscars and red carpet fashion.  My friend Dawn is hosting a party at her house.  Conveniently, that is right across the street from my house – score!

The party attire is sweats and leggings with all the rhinestones and glitter you can muster.  I cannot wait! I might bust out black socks with sandals so I can wear my gold glitter heels.

the ONLY time socks with sandals is remotely acceptable

My coworker sent me this awesome infographic/illustration of all the winner’s dresses.  Check it out via Cosmo UK!

I hope people wear interesting and beautiful dresses and tuxes/suits.  Don’t play it safe, y’all!

I know Sandra is a darling, but my guess is Cate Blanchett for best actress.  What do you think!?  I think Matthew McC for best Actor although Jared Leto could be a compelling option as well.  Time will tell!

Lastly – my stream of consciousness thoughts/predictions on celebs –  J. Law, Amy Adams and Lupita Nyong’o will bring it.  Anne Hathaway is pulling a Miley and hanging tight to her short hair.  She’ll wear something menswear-ish.  Guiliana will look to thin. Will Leo ever get hitched? No. Bradley Cooper is a handsome fellow. Idea for Lupita’s gown (love this tone on black and brown women). This makes me think of something Amy Adams would wear then put great hair, makeup and accessories with.  I could see Sofia V wearing this if it didn’t have the texture to it – I think she wears plain dresses usually and accessorizes w/ lots of cleavage.  Will there be a Phil S Hoffman tribute?  probably.  Dying of a drug overdose is sad in that any kind of dying is sad but it also annoys me a little but like – really – heroin?  You cannot even try that stuff if you value your life.  It’s soooooooo scary-bad for you.  Some of the names I’m going to throw out for my stylist ideas are probably tv actors and not going to the Oscars but oh well.  Clare Danes in floral would be pretty.  Something like this would be pretty on pregnant star Kerry Washington (higher waist but I like that the collar type detail would draw the eye up.  Julia RobertsSandra Bullock. Natalie Portman. Jared Leto (I love a cropped trouser & Thom Browne).

When I go to the Oscars, I’ll wear this.  ;-)

Happy Friday ~ kisses!