Our first Korean cooking venture

Yesterday we made Bi Bim Bap using this recipe from the kitchn.

It was time consuming. There were points in the prep where I thought “I should just go to Green Pepper when I want this.”

None of the steps were hard. It was a matter of lots of little steps, dirtying many dishes and needing a lot of surface area for the food.

By the time Kyle got home from work I had everything prepped so he took over finishing up the dish and I played outside with Roger while Evan took a little nap.

The spring weather yesterday was amazing. It’s funny how I have recently needed to put snowpants on Roger one day then slather him in sunscreen another day. You’ve gotta be able to adapt to this crazy weather.

Back to the recipe –

the bad –

we bought the wrong sprout type (alfalfa – woops), we didn’t have the red spicy pepper paste called gochujang, we only had “fiery” sesame oil instead of regular so we tempered it down with olive oil so we wouldn’t be breathing fire or making it inedible for our lil toddler

the good –

it was really tasty, it is a unique thing to cook (for us whities at least), it is colorful and pretty, it will be easier to cook again because that’s how cooking goes – once you make a recipe once you are more confident and can cook it more quickly and often better on future attempts

turkandlilac bibimbap recipe photo

And now for the story of how we heard of this food and decided to make it. We were invited to our friend’s first birthday party which in Korea is called a Dol. The party was amazing and held at Green Pepper in Squirrel Hill. I ordered the bi bim bap as it was one of the only vegetarian options and looked great. It was scrumptious. Then, I was looking at hellobee (parenting blog) to get book ideas for what to request from our local library and saw the book Bee Bim-Bop suggested under “books with diverse characters.” We all loved this book which includes the recipe at the end. Therefore, with the combination of having eaten it and liked it then reinforcing the thought of the dish by reading a children’s story a bunch of times, we decided to attempt cooking it.

Have you made anything fun and outside of your comfort zone lately?



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