Outer Space

Outer Space has captured Roger’s imagination.

When I brush his teeth at night I pretend the toothbrush is  a rocket ship and  his teeth are planets. He seems to really like that and it keeps the process moving.

I decided to get a fitness DVD from the library and saw “Outer Space Yoga for Kids.” It is super cute. Attention span wise, Roger only made it through one session. We started on a second session but he ended up climbing all over me and playing off the mat. To be fair it is for 5 and up.

Evan is a walker now! It’s pretty darn cute to see him taking cautious steps. He also likes to be a little comedian – doing funny head shakes, laughs and stinker moves like throwing stuff off his tray.

I love seeing the boys brotherly bond forming. Sometimes it regresses and Roger is the mean older brother or Evan gets an urge to grab a bunch of Roger’s hair and pull as hard as he can, but overall, it’s a really nice phase having a 3.5 year old and 13 month-er.

cutie alert looking in mirror monster foot

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