• Working woman
  • Feedback

    Reentering the workforce full time has had its peaks and valleys. I recently had a pretty bad 90 day review. I took the feedback. I looked hard at myself. I acknowledged faults/flaws/nonsense in my life. I realized I don’t need a social life at work. I can work smarter and tune out the annoyances. I […]

  • Fitness
  • A bit of Bike Commuting

    I’ve been riding my bike three days a week. My day goes: wake up, eat breakfast with the boys, play, get everyone dressed, drive, park, bike, work, bike, drive, hang with my family, put Evan to bed, go to bed. It’s a nice routine. Yeah, I could get hurt or killed by a car. I’ll […]

  • Films
  • This is 40

    Watching This is 40 a few weeks ago was so affirming. I remember watching the film in theaters and being struck by how real it felt. I went in expecting a pretty light-hearted comedy a la Knocked Up and left feeling thoughtful, with a Ryan Adams song in my head. Though not yet 40, the responsibility […]

  • Story time
  • Living with PTSD

    War veterans come to mind when the acronym PTSD is mentioned. However, there are lots of people living with post traumatic stress disorder for different reasons. After the 8th grade graduation “celebratory” Dinner Dance school shooting I lived through as an adolescent; I thought a lot about what meaning to take from it. The way […]

  • Holiday
  • F It & Nutcracker 2016

    My son now says “fuck it.” Over the summer he had a brief “fucking Jesus” phase. Both naughty phrases, he can pronounce perfectly. Meanwhile, he cannot pronounce yellow (says “ellow”). I know where he got the “F.J.” from. He heard it from someone frustrated in our household spoken under his breath during distressing toddler-parenting times. […]