Pittsburgh Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday I ran the first 13.1 mile race I’ve run since the Indy Mini Marathon in 2011(?).

It was my third half marathon race and my slowest time yet. 2:19:57

Leading up to the run, I was battling (still am battling) an upper respiratory infection. My workouts ground to a halt and I focused on taking it easy in the hopes that my body could overcome the infection. No such luck.

5 of us headed down to the race: Katie, Kyle, Michael, Arienne and Kate.photo (19)

Kyle and I had registered early and were in corral B, but we were slow getting through the port-a-potty line and had to start in corral D instead. The race was super crowded for the first many miles. It is good in a way b/c you are distracted and don’t go out too fast but annoying when trying to run as a pair and there are bodies everywhere.

The amount of volunteers and spectators was nice…except for one rude sign making fun of Bruce Jenner for transitioning to a woman. Ugh.

We got to see Jesse and Tressa by their apartment in Allegheny West. Tressa sent me these action shots:photo (18)

Around mile 9, I started feeling a little stronger than Kyle and he encouraged me to go ahead. I started picking it up a little and by the end I was doing a dash across the finish. I guess that’s what happens when you begin too slow … a little too much gas in the tank at the end. However, the “pro” of beginning slower was that I felt swell for most of the race.

We saw Arienne and Michael soon after the race then headed to the finish line to cheer on Kate. She had been bashing herself and saying we’d have sooooo much time waiting for her – not at all. We had to hustle to go see her finish. She did amazingly well for her first run. It was also Michael’s first 1/2 marathon – he kicked butt!

We met Kate in the family meet-up area, snapped a few pics then headed back to our car. Our Pittsburgh friends weekend was almost over. We had a quick lunch at Slippery Mermaid then folks began to hit the road. In the afternoon I got a really bad headache. I had this happen to me after the Ithaca Tri too. I looked online and have found that if you go from 0 to 100 and get dehydrated and lack of oxygen to the brain – you get a headache. WHOOPS. Noted. For the 1/w Ironman I hope to avoid this fate. It will surely help if I don’t get a flipping infection before it. Fingers and toes crossed. I am glad I went out and raced even though I could have bailed due to being sick. At least we looked snazzy in our matching racing tank tops. Don’t you think Adidas should sponsor us? ;)

photo (20)

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend with gorgeous weather for walks, a run and enjoying the city we all went to college in. H2P.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Congrats on your finish! It’s impressive that you pushed through, even though you weren’t feeling well. I would’ve been tempted to bail. I love the action shots.

  2. Well, now I am battling a messed up right knee so maybe I should have bailed…or at least not ran like a speed demon at the end.

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