Scheme, scheme and plot plot…

photo (17)Three of my sorority sisters, one with husband and kids in tow, are visiting this weekend. I have had a while to look forward to their arrival and plan a few ways to make it extra special.

1. A grand entrance: WELCOME PITT ALUMNI and blue & gold balloons.

photo (16)

2. Welcome feelings: welcome baskets for everyone

3. Warm wishes: I asked family members of my friends to send warm wishes for the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend we are sharing together. For my friend Kate, it is her first half marathon!
photo (15)

4. Preparing the homestead to be a hospitable space – fresh towels, yummy food, extra keys for friends to borrow.


Here goes!


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  1. Andrea says:

    OH wow, you’re so thoughtful! I love this. The letters were a really great idea.

  2. Thanks Andrea! My mind often goes to thoughts of what I can do for others and it makes me feel better to try to be helpful and useful. Sometimes I think I take better care of others than myself. It’s all about balance I suppose.

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