Speaking in code: Children’s Books memorization and infiltration into your speech

When you have a Little One who loves books, you’ll read a lot. Soon enough, you and your husband will be able to recite “Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb” and a few other favorites like “Little Blue Truck” from memory.

We recently referred to our son as “Snoozy Boof” a little bear character in a Suzy Spafford story and both knew what that meant.

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A neat thing that comes along with all this kid’s Lit is that you get to be childlike again and take pleasure in simple “challenges” like “find the shapes” or tuck a baby into a loving hug or play finger puppet with Little Horse.

While Roger is relatively happy to read books on repeat, we like variety, so now the Sewickley Library is our best friend…well it always is…libraries are invaluable. Anyhow, we can check out new authors and see what our son likes and shuns. Plus, we can get tons of books by authors and illustrators we already know he already likes.

A few authors of note that we all enjoy: Mo Willems, Leslie Patricelli, Mercer Mayer, Suzy Spafford, Deborah Diesen, Alice Schertle, Iza Trapani, Nadine Bernard Wescott, Mary Ann Hoberman

A few topics he is currently all about: trains (choo choos), trucks, animals, feelings, songs, shapes, letters

Didn’t go for: Catherine Rayner (I think her illustrations are lovely and messages are nice but little man would usually push them away in favor of other books), Dr. Seuss books like Green Eggs and Ham/long-ish paper ones.

Curve balls: loves Goodnight Moon (I thought it was kind of ugly and boring but hey, it’s a classic and was obviously done right to please little learners), loves Love You Forever (he accepted this one as a part of the mix before other books of its length. I think the story is really sweet. Kyle thinks it’s weird that the mom drives to her sons house and has a ladder to sneak in. hehe). SkippyJon Jones – We were first introduced to this character at our friends house and thought “the person who writes these is on acid.” The kitty-dog and storyline seem so cracked out but hey, kids seem to like what SkippyJon has to offer. Rock n’ Roll.

Roger petting Chip and reading

Oh and while we’re on the topic of kids books: for the educators out there…this set of paper character education books is great. They cover some good themes in a positive, age-appropriate way. They are nice for travel (lightweight compared to board books).

That’s all I have to say about kids books for now so I’ll write a poem to wind down…

I know a cat says meow/ A dog says bow wow/

You can speak to Kyle and I/ by rhyming if you try/

We are knee deep in kids books/ Filled with heroes and not crooks/

A kiss made Pout Pout fish smile/ Monkies drum a long while/

babies like to be nude/ Critter’s cousin is a crazy dude/

The spider climbs a spout/ Mic drop and I’m out

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