Stay Put

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

We faked ourselves out into rolling but stayed put instead. We got rid of some moss and renewed our love for our abode.

Kyle-baby and me hatched a plan to downsize. We found an awesome house that is 2 stories, 3 bedrooms and in a great location. 603 Davis Lane | Sewickley, PA 15143.

We set into motion a plan to buy and sell. Then reality hit. It is not a great financial move to buy and sell.

I sat in our comfortable brown glider reading stories to Roger last night and thinking about the benefits of staying in our home. While something a little smaller and newer sounds lovely, there is value in being content and continuing to improve our current home – even if it does feel “too big” sometimes.

Our push to make our house show ready has made it much prettier for us. I think we need to do a fake “we’re moving” fire drill once every 6 months!

Home is wherever I’m with my family.

Life is in a good groove. I don’t know why I wanted to shake it up. I question my busy nature (monkey mind?) and want to find the right balance of happiness in stillness and drive for improvement.

Have you ever considered moving then changed your mind?

Have you noticed that Sewickley Real Estate is on fire? Haha! That’s a little Pittsburgh love thrown in there.

Seriously though, I love our ‘hood and can’t wait to take advantage of all the summer pleasures it has to offer – farmer’s market, parks, playgrounds, ice cream shop, frozen yogurt, al fresco dining, cute shops, pups out for strolls stopping to sip at water bowls the shopkeepers put out, and the new Tull Theater!

Back to that cute house we almost bought for one more comment, I am really excited for whoever scoops it up! It is awesome and I can’t wait to spy on it and see if they make any obvious upgrades.



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