Tales from the weekend

I put Coconut Oil on my face and I recommend it to friends!  Clean your face, smear some coconut oil on.  Feel the benefits of moisturized skin for a fraction of the cost of La Mer.  Coconut oil is availble in your local grocery store.  It looks lard-ish up to a certain temperature point then becomes a silky like oil when warmer.  In addition to being great for your skin, the authors of Skinny Bitch like it for it’s higher burn rate (they say it’s much healthier to cook with than olive oil).

The latest movie I viewed was Rent c/o Netflix.  I saw the play in High School with NO CONTEXT of how dark the subject matter is (AIDS, poverty, death).  It might have also been my first intro to a transgender person.  Thanks to two college Women’s Studies courses, some volunteer work with Planned Parenthood, and Dan Savage podcasts – I now feel pretty trans-savvy.  Woo woo.

Saturday morning my friend Erin and I went for a bike ride in North Park.  It was about 28 degrees at the outset at 8:07 a.m.  We were done by 9 a.m. then met Kyle-baby for breakfast at Kelly O’s.  I pigged out which might have been a poor choice because the food at my friend Lauren’s noon Bridal Shower looked scrumptious but I only had room for a yogurt parfait and some fruit.  I swear my little carrot-length sized baby is taking up some serious stomach room!  Eating for two is such a lie.  You’re only supposed to have an extra 300 calories per day and some days, I don’t even think my little critter leaves me room to fit those calories in.

On Sunday morning I went to Crepes Parisiennes with my mom and Kristen.  I got egg, cheese & tomato with soytang sauce.  Soytang sauce is my favorite.  I think it’s hot sauce mixed with soy and perhaps a little olive oil (?).  We popped over to Williams Sonoma and I picked up an adorable ceramic easel.  I’ve been considering getting one for a while but didn’t know where to find it then, BOOM, on sale at WS.  Kyle and I leave each other notes.  His are usually really normal like “at the gym.”  Mine are random, like:  “spray tan w/ Lisa then buying fruit.”  

The salesperson at Williams Sonoma said his girlfriend made a really tasty chocolate cake with beets as a healthy add-in.  I might have to try this Extremely Moist Chocolate Beet Cake recipe soon.

In case you’re wondering what I’m wearing today….because pregnant fashion is so cutting edge…..it’s this striped dress + a navy blazer!  My mom treated me to two dresses which was super-duper nice.  I also got one to wear as a wedding guest which is like this silk confection but in coral and light orange with a cool summery/tropical pattern (and thankfully it was reduced from $195 to $59)!

Unfortunately, this is what my morning looked like as my car warmed up.  Groundhog Phil lied.  Spring has not sprung.  However, I did delight in seeing a new bumper sticker:  “my cat purrs in black and gold.”  Wow, Steelers roots run deep here.  Do you like how I TMZ-style blocked the license for privacy? 

Bumper sticker (obstructed by awful weather) "My Cat Purrs in Black and Gold"

Great news y’all.  Weezy drops a new mixtape tonight.  He probably wasn’t taking into account this pregnant, goes-to-bed-by-10-p..m mega-fan when he planned the listening party for midnight on a Monday.  

Who’s excited to listen to I Am Not a Human Being II all day tomorrow!?!?!  I am, I am.

Happy Monday!  Stay warm, think spring and drive safely.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I’ve never heard of using coconut oil as a moisturizer. Sadly, my acne-prone skin probably wouldn’t like it.

    I’d love to see a pic of your outfit today. Love the dress!

    Love the TMZ privacy block. You are a good world citizen, protecting the crazy person with the (awesome!) cat bumper sticker.


  2. I’ve heard you might have to be careful adding oil to oily skin but maybe you could use it on legs or something. My skin has been so dry (this happens most winters).
    Protecting crazy cat lovers ~ why not?

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