The Heart Goes Last: Margaret Atwood Book

margaret atwood the heart goes last book

I recently finished my first Margaret Atwood book: The Heart Goes Last. It was an odd book. Dark at times but interesting and with quirky comic relief peppered in. I liked it. Towards the end, I was very interested to see what happened to all the key characters and I love that feeling when you’re roped in by a page-turner.

The story begins with married couple Stan and Charmaine. At first I thought Stan was lame and Charmaine was nice but pitiable. As the story progressed, I saw that both were quirky had hidden secrets and insecurities and that no one in Atwood’s tale would be blameless.

The book touched on many themes I find interesting: morality, sex, survival when the world goes to shit, loyalty, ethics in a fear-based situation, power corrupting, surveillance, and sacrificing freedom for safety.

I heard about the book while listening to NPR. It piqued my interest – the pseudo-prison and strange new world stuff.

We chose to read it for a book club I joined in my old neighborhood. The next thing you know, I joined a book club in my new neighborhood and we are reading it for that club as well. Discussing it with a group will be quite fun. I can’t wait to hear what people liked, disliked and observed about the book. For discussion sake, I think the fact it could be polarizing and abrasive will be fabulous.

Additional reading on the book: NY Times, NPR, Huff Post.

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far! XO

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