The Ultimate Thrift Shop Find

pittsburgh thrift shop guide

I love the little flower fabric on the inner collar. Such detail. So sweet. I love the Kaufmann’s logo. Rest in Peace Kaufmann’s.¬†Good Goodwill find. $4.99 Missoni.

A few weekends ago, we hoped to go to the Regent Square Community Yard Sale but it was raining cats and dogs. While that might have been fine to brave as adults, we’re parents which means we’d also be responsible for keeping kids dry and comfortable. Plus, we figured many sellers would bail because unless they could convert their sale to a garage or porch sale, all items would be drenched.

Being that I have a great husband, he suggested that we could pivot our plan and go hit up thrift shops instead of the yard sales. Off we went to Goodwill in Southside and the Salvation Army in the Southside.

At Goodwill, I was wearing Evan and Kyle was defending breakables from Roger. I found a few good things then saw a stripey, unique looking top, picked it up and was like TUNNEL VISION OMFG THIS IS VINTAGE MISSONI FOR $5!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I was the winner of a lottery.

As I slowly got my heart rate to slow down after the high of such a good treasure-find, I reunited with Kyle and Roger, grabbed a few more goodies like green men’s swim trunks for Kyle, workout pants for my friend Lisa, and a workout top for myself. We checked out then headed to Salvay (to make it sound French and fancy).

At Salvation Army, the layout/vibe was more “Ross Dress for Less” than cluttered down and dirty thrift shop (and to be clear, I prefer the down and dirty, jam-packed option). They had some nice housewares like a Lippa table I wish I had bought (but would have needed a hauling vehicle for). #theonethatgotaway #needatruck

The best find there was a darling wooden animal mobile for Evan’s room.

It was $8 and we didn’t need it but after some internal debate about whether or not to buy it, I did. The $8 was worth its weight in gold when I heard Roger proudly tell my mom “I bought this for Evan.” Love, love, love the brotherly love they are building.

katie landis turkandlilac mobile nursery brothers pittsburgh

That’s all the news that fits for today. Thanks for checking in. I’ve struggled to find time to write but life is going really well and I look forward to continuing to blog it up in the near future.

XO, Katie

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