Things Now & winter hardiness

We are getting used to being a family of five. We have our Au Pair Nina living with us, I’m back to work, Roger is in his first months of preschool, Evan is learning something new every day.

The mornings and nights are cold, the time the sun is in the sky is shorter.

It would be nice to journal daily. I just haven’t mastered it. So much happens when you’re in charge of yourself and children. We are working with Roger on potty training. Some moments are dirty and frustrating. Some moments are fun and endearing. When Roger poops on the potty he calls us in to see what he deposited into the toilet. When we praise him, he has the most sweet, pure joy expression. He will smile and put his arms up and out and sort of bop on the seat in a celebratory mini-dance.

Evan has two tiny top teeth protruding from his gums and a wisp of a bottom one popping through. I can never seem to get over how cute the kids are. Sometimes I question if they are real. Like, how did these amazing, gorgeous, smart, functioning, soft-skinned humans come out of my husband and me?! I imagine that parenting offers many surreal moments from birth, to the first bus ride, and so on.

My dad always loved Pennsylvania and living in a place with all four seasons. At times, I’ve had an interest in being somewhere warmer and embracing a more Mediterranean climate. However, the cold has its perks. Cool sleeping weather is so nice. I love being under warm blankets in cozy pajamas sheltered from the chill of night. Winter time sometimes gets us to hunker down and enjoy our homes and hometowns. We aren’t as apt to plan long road trips when the threat of blizzards is imminent. There are more bonfires and fireplace fires to enjoy. The stars, on cloudlness nights with few leaves on trees to block your view, are gorgeous.

Plus, I have a theory that those who can handle the cold and shorter days are hardier. It could be good, it could be bad. I think we have more depth and grit than those in a mellow climate. We overcome our little adversities like having our wet hair literally freeze at daybreak on the way to school or work. We problem-solve how to keep venturing outdoors – even if we need to wear so many layers that we can’t put our arms down. Granted, those sun-spoiled folks might be more joyful and smiley, but we are probably better grizzled poets, funny cynics, star crossed lovers, and able to handle mother nature’s extremes.

…well, this is what I tell myself anyhow…until I snap and retire in Nicaragua ;-)

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