This is 40

Watching This is 40 a few weeks ago was so affirming.

I remember watching the film in theaters and being struck by how real it felt. I went in expecting a pretty light-hearted comedy a la Knocked Up and left feeling thoughtful, with a Ryan Adams song in my head.

Though not yet 40, the responsibility of raising two kids, running a household, keeping your career and marriage going and the influence of you and your husband’s aging parents…that all rang true.

I think this phase of life has to rival the teen years in terms of bipolar feelings. One minute you can be frustrated and overwhelmed by life. The next minute you are blissed out and reveling in all the blessings bestowed upon you.

The movie captures all of that. The ups, the downs, the uncertainties and the triumphs of love and a nuclear family. Mann and Rudd deliver great performances and are boosted by a fabulous cast. I forgot how star-studded the lineup was. Megan Fox, Lena Dunham, Jason Segel…the list goes on!

The film was like the perfect buddy comedy to me…almost like going on a triple date with Dawn, Mike, Amy and Matt. If you need a good laugh and therapy session, borrow This Is 40 from the library & enjoy.





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