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things I’m thinking about rapid fire edition

Grammy’s are on.  T. Swizzy is doing a nice job.  Just love her.  No love to Chris Brown.  Enjoy seeing L.L. Cool J hosting.  Mom quite excited about Sir Paul’s performance.  Love me some NPH.  Adele looks good – polka dots are a good thing.  Someone [makeup artist] may have gone too strong on the attempt at creating cheekbones.  Kate Beckinsale, timeless beauty.  Lady Antebellum singer looks like Khloe Kardashian mixed with Ginnifer Goodwin.  I need to improve my Photoshop skills so I can make side-by-side art to show you when I have great revelations like this.  Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazingly beautiful…go figure.  Sounds like Adele’s voice is coming back.  That a girl.  Tony Bennett is so smooth.  Carrie Underwood, fun/crazy black & gold dress.  Amy Winehouse featured on tribute – too sad.  Jennifer Hudson tribute to Whit.  Kyle says “No pressure Jennifer Hudson, you only have to sing as good as Whitney.  Good luck with Whitney.”  Weezy looking good.  Crazy neon kicks. Pants, shorts, not sure…his small frame and any bottoms other than skinny jeans which are clearly pants makes it hard to determine.

Whitney Houston died yesterday.  Sad.  Assuming drug overdose but time will tell.  I want to remember her as happy, healthy and talented.

Bought some shoes on ebay today.  Ebay mobile app could be dangerous for mama.  Excited to get them.  We’ll see how fast the shippers are.  Black booties & brown knee high boots.  Love the ankle support and increased likeliness of my foot staying in that boots & booties offer.

Twitter rocks.  Loving all the NY Fashion Week posts.

Snowy out.  Think I’ll wear my new thrifted check wool Pendleton blazer to work tomorrow.  Checking Polyvore for styling ideas.  Maybe I’ll put it over a chambray shirt like jenli suggests.

jenli from polyvore's blazer look

I might add some colorful pants as seen in never-alone’s mockup.

never-alone look from Polyvore

Go with colorful pants and heels rather than flats per luxecouture:

luxecouture look @ polyvore

The looks above show pants but I might wear it with a dress or stay with plain pants and a patterned top.  At the least I’ll hit you with a self photo from my phone…at the best, some lookbook pics taken by Kyle.

Saw How I Met Your Mother “The Burning Beekeeper” last week.  Loved Lily & Marshall’s dining room wall color – muddy purple.  Did some googling & cannot find the paint color name.

How I Met Your Mother image _ source unknown

Oh – finally found an image from TV Fanatic site.

via tv fanatic

Wondering if we should paint our dining room ceiling.

Want to hear about my friend’s Speakeasy party she went to Friday & see pictures.  Super Sue broke it down on the dance floor as we celebrated our friend Kev’s birthday.


Kyle shocked and confused by the fact I’d rather see the Spy vs. Spy movie w/ Reese than The Vow.  Granted, both have great leading ladies and hot guys but I’m in the mood for something with action and comedy more than the predictable romantic comedy.

Who’s excited to go back to work tomorrow?  Who’s excited for the next Bachelor episode?  Hope everyone had a great weekend & managed to blaze through my stream of consciousness or at least viewing the images in this post.  Thanks for reading & visiting my corner of the web.  Sleep well, eat a great breakfast & start your Monday off with something that makes you smile.  XO

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    Thanks Beth! I love Weezy F. Baby, writing, and my friends blowing up my blog. Woo woo

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