When your child looks you right in the eye and pees on the carpet

We’ve got ourselves a boundary tester.

The other night Roger looked me right in the eye, paused, then peed on our carpet.

He stopped the flow pretty quickly, helped me clean it up and was apologetic afterwards.

I credit the quick apology to my ability to remain calm.

My goodness, I really had no clue what “terrible twos” or “threenager” meant before raising my little pumpkin.

Moments like watching your child watch your reaction as he pees on your carpet are so ridiculous. So insane to witness. So easy to forget.

So not-a-big-deal in the scheme of things.

The mind is an interesting thing. I love my family members wildly and without reservation. Even when they behave like barnyard animals or drunken sailors. Love is awesome.

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